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Gathering talents from around the country        Realizing lofty ambition amazing the world
Zhuhai i-confluence Information Technology Co., Ltd boosts a group of talents from all over the country with one same vision and dream. We strive to provide clients with high value-for-money and quality, professional outsourcing service and in the meantime, fulfill our own value and achieve our own goal. Every member in i-confluence shares one same pursuit, that is, to “work happily, live happily, cherish hope and believe in success”. To achieve this pursuit, i-confluence is always improving its internal working and living environment. And it also tries to create the culture atmosphere of “employees first”. After 5 years’ constant efforts, a professional team full of energy, passion has emerged shining before our eyes.
Add: C zone 1st floor in Doctor Building in Hagong Road 1st in High-tech District, Zhuhai, Guangdong, P.R.China Tel:+86-0756-3626181 E-mail: welcome@i-confluence.com
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