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Zhuhai bus information technology limited company liable for any harm or hurt you for access or cannot access the Zhuhai converged companies website or caused by any of the information provided by the converged companies in Zhuhai site is responsible for. Zhuhai converged companies to any and all the direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special of punitive, or other damages, lost opportunities, without liability loss of profit or any other loss or damage. The limitations include may affect your computer equipment damage or any virus.

Applicable law:
Your access to and use of the site and the Zhuhai converged companies Zhuhai converged companies website content are subject to and interpretation of the people's Republic of China legal jurisdiction.

Privacy policy update:
Zhuhai bus information technology limited company may at any time to its privacy policy to be updated. If we make a major change to the privacy policy, we will be in the company web site and updated privacy policy notice.


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