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Location:Home > Contact Us > 隱私政策
This privacy policy applies to visit Zhuhai converged companies website directly related activities with you, but not for third party sites connected with the Zhuhai converged companies website. We strongly recommend that you read the third party's privacy policy before providing information to these sites. Zhuhai converged companies not third party website assumes no responsibility or liability.

The collection, use, transfer your information
You can visit most of the Zhuhai converged companies's Web site, without revealing any identification information from you ("personal data"). However, you may choose to provide your personal information to us ("personal information" and "information"), for example, when you contact us, apply for our website provides seminars, activities and projects, or your requests for information / service. You may voluntarily provide personal data to others and / or information to us, for example, your spouse, your colleagues or friends. In this case, we will assume that you have others without any time limit, geographical and content license license, to provide personal data to others and / or information to a Zhuhai converged companies.
Zhuhai converged companies may represent the supplier collection, processing, storage, use, analysis and transmission of these personal data and / or information. In this case, the Zhuhai converged companies responsibility only in accord with the requirements of these supply the commercial converged companies of Zhuhai this privacy policy approach or transfer your personal data and / or information. To provide us with personal information, you acknowledge and agree that your information by the supplier to replace the Zhuhai converged companies handling or transfer.
Personal data of Zhuhai converged companies will according to the following way of dealing with you when you

visit a website we learn and / or information:
- if you visit a website to read or download information, such as news, product information, case analysis or article:
We will collect, process or transmit the following personal data about you: you connect to the network domain name, date and time of your visit to our website, and you link to our website web site. We may use such information, so that we can monitor the different sections of the website visit quantity, and improve the performance of our website. In order to improve the quality of your visit or for statistical purposes, non personally identifiable information we may disclose the use of "Cookies" and / or technology to collect you visit our website at. You can set your browser, close the "Cookies" or to give warning to load "Cookies" on your computer at any site. However, if you close the "Cookies", some sites may not run properly.

If you visit Zhuhai, any converged companies website submitted personal information:
We will be collecting, processing and / or transfer you voluntarily fill in our website contact form provided to us for detailed information, including you provide your own or any third party's personal information. Submitting any personal information converged companies in Zhuhai website, said you authorize Zhuhai converged companies use, handling and transfer (required if cross-border when) this information, even in the domestic or data protection level and some countries adopt the high level protection standards for example not commensurate with the recommendations of the EU data protection directive standard -- possible between countries. In these countries, the Zhuhai converged companies will ensure that the processing of your personal information to comply with the privacy policy: Zhuhai converged companies will not be personal information to third parties, but your personal information will be automatically transferred to the converged companies of Zhuhai inherited most of the assets and business of the.

- if you are a customer or customer organizations, members, or subcontractors:
You offered to Zhuhai converged companies's personal information, including the third party personal information, such as your spouse, colleagues and friends, will be collected, stored in when necessary, use and transfer to Zhuhai converged companies to your company to implement the business or looking for potential future business. If you provide us with your personal information, either by E-mail form, business card, business talks, the oral account or other circumstances, we will assume that you authorize us to unrestricted collection, storage, use and transfer of this information, and even the protection level at home or data and some countries adopt the high level protection standards for example not commensurate with the recommendations of the EU data protection directive standard -- possible between countries. We also assume that you have the third party's unlimited license transfer others' personal information.

- the legal requirements of the public:
Please note that due to personal data you visit Zhuhai converged companies website by we learned, or your personal information provided to the converged companies of Zhuhai may be disclosed according to law (for example, according to the statutory provisions, the court orders or subpoenas etc.).


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