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i-confluence Academy
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Zhuhai i-confluence Information Service Co.,Ltd upholds the cultural concept featuring "harmony, happiness, study and innovation", and positions itself as one "learning organization". i-confluence Academy is a case in point manifesting learning organization. i-confluence provides internal skill training and vocational courses for its employees on a regular time basis and in the meantime, selects excellent employees and provides them with chance of attending courses on vocational skills, team effectiveness, psychology, parenting education as well as other trainings outside the company, improving employees' comprehensive occupational skills and exploiting their potential as well.

Zhuhai i-confluence Information Service Co.,Ltd differs from other companies of same kind in its relationship with universities. We don't take school merely as one channel for recruiting and go to schools soly for recruiting, but we carry out career talks and seminars in various universities and colleges around the country and truly impart training and our values in universities. Staff members from our company go to schools and classrooms directly and convey company values to students and teachers, provide skill training and share knowledge crucial in project-forming. We also provide courses on career guide, practical psychology, thus guiding students' career development and building. In-depth communications of this kind produce fantastic outcomes. Reputation and influence of i-confluence Company has been on a rise and more and more colleges and universities and vocational colleges, technician training schools have invited staff of i-confluence to come to their schools to provide related training and exchange ideas.

Also, i-confluence Academy has invited officials, teachers and students of different universities and colleges, staff of training institutions affiliated to Labor and Education Department from various areas on a regular time basis to its company, and let them experience corporate culture and atmosphere of the company, thus enhancing interaction and understanding of each other and constructing platform for communication.

Zhuhai i-confluence Information Service Co.,Ltd hopes that all its employees can work happily, live happily, cherish hope and achieve success in i-confluence. i-confluence Academy will create a splendid future with every staff member.


Add: C zone 1st floor in Doctor Building in Hagong Road 1st in High-tech District, Zhuhai, Guangdong, P.R.China Tel:+86-0756-3626181 E-mail: welcome@i-confluence.com
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