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Wishes of the GM
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 Here in i-confluence, our mission is to ensure every member to have equal opportunities, to enjoy the equality, to win the respect and to gain the wealth.
We are opening the door to success with promising future to be seen for each of us. Dedicate to work and dreams,lead a bright life of virtue and freedom.

We shoulder mutual responsibilities and mutual trust, pursue mutual visions as quality life, self-fulfillment and social value. With our great efforts, wisdom, courage and our competence, we are creating miracles, writing legends, and looking forward to great success. miracles are created, legendaries are continued, great success is awaited!
This is the direction we are forging forward, this is the goal we are about to achieve, this is the dream we shall finally realize! I know that we all have different kinds of difficulties in our daily life, however, this dream, this vision is to get rid of all those difficulties.

The most beautiful scenery belongs to the future, so does the hope-the unbending and persistent strength hidden inside our inner world. Nobody is able to arrange others destiny but his own. In i-confluence, we can write our own destiny. Only by taking responsibilities and making efforts can one reap success. If we are flinching or escaping, we abandon our dreams and benefits, betray to our responsibilities, and give up our mutual mission.

Young and intelligent ladies, wise and firm men, no matter where you come from, no matter what qualification you gian, you will have equal opportunity to make great achievement here in i-confluence as long as you are willing to trust us and work hard. We promise to provide more training opportunities, better working environment, more advanced facilities and more humanized management. You should have faith in your potential, and you should be confident and hopeful weather in peaks or valley bottoms. Don·t let me down, don·t let your team down,  and the most important, don·t let yourself down!

I believe we can hold our future and I believe each of us can make tremendous achievement. Change life-life of your own, life of your family, life in i-confluence, life of the world.

This is the dream of i-confluence! We are on the way!
Add: C zone 1st floor in Doctor Building in Hagong Road 1st in High-tech District, Zhuhai, Guangdong, P.R.China Tel:+86-0756-3626181 E-mail: welcome@i-confluence.com
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