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Management Strategy
Focus on software and software-based service outsourcing, create values for clients with integrity and professionalism.
Clients come first, stuffs take priority, be responsible for shareholders
People oriented, recruit on the basis of talent, everyone can do his best.
Corporate Culture
Cultural concepts as advocating harmony, pleasant,learning and innovation
Corporate ambiance as promoting equality, respect, integrity and friendship
Team spirit as focus on overall picture and quality service, combined efforts and willing to take responsibility
Communication mechanism as producing bi-directional, multiple, reasonable and highly efficient communicating methods
Corporate Vision
Firstly we improve life of every individual in i-confluence
Then we help every individual to achieve personal values and dreams
Continually we fulfill our social responsibilities as an enterprise citizen, being an sustainable and venerable company
Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an inseparable and important part of the corporate vision of i-confluence. We regard social responsibility fulfillment as our core values and one of the internal elements to maintain sustainable development, and endeavor to integrate corporate social responsibility into corporate overall operation.
We have seen i-confluence efforts and positive interactions with local community and cities where our office is based in many fields like employment consummation(localization of employment), developmental training, school-enterprise cooperative co-construction, environment preserving, social welfare and etc though we were still limited in many resources, since the second year of our establishment. 

Add: C zone 1st floor in Doctor Building in Hagong Road 1st in High-tech District, Zhuhai, Guangdong, P.R.China Tel:+86-0756-3626181 E-mail: welcome@i-confluence.com
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